Hard Seltzer ¿Somos Amigos?

Luxembourg’s first hard seltzer

Introducing our new creaton: ¿Somos Amigos?, Luxembourg’s first hard seltzer crafted in the heart of the country. As the first of its kind, ¿Somos Amigos? brings a refreshing twist to the Luxembourg beverage scene.

What is hard seltzer?

It is a delightful blend of carbonated water, fermented with yeast and sugar to naturally achieve an alcohol content of 5.5%. It’s a crisp, clean drink that’s perfect for any occasion.

Made with the finest organic ingredients, ¿Somos Amigos? is low in sugar, low in calories, and free from artificial additives. It’s the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on taste.

Our refreshing drink comes in a zesty lemon flavour that will tantalize your taste buds. The hard seltzer comes in cans of 25 cl, but don’t underestimate them, because it’s not about the size, it’s about the taste!

Our logo pays homage to the original emblematic gentleman, now depicted enjoying his holidays and the good weather in a stylish flowery shirt. The new name, “¿Somos Amigos?”, perfectly encapsulates the spirit of friendship and enjoyment that our seltzer embodies.

Light, bubbly, and refreshingly delicious, ¿Somos Amigos? is set to become your go-to drink for the summer. It’s perfect for festivals, picnics, and any sunny day where you want to enjoy a refreshing beverage.

Embrace the spirit of camaraderie with ¿Somos Amigos?. Share your favorite moments with us on social media and connect with a community that values friendship and fun.

More flavors coming soon

Stay tuned for exciting new flavors! We’re always innovating to bring you the best-tasting and most refreshing seltzers.

Discover ¿Somos Amigos?

Find out where you can buy ¿Somos Amigos? and bring the taste of Luxembourg’s first hard seltzer to your next gathering. Cheers to great times and even greater friends!

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