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Welcome to a world

where friendship and the love for craft beers merged to create a truly exceptional product. At “Are We Friends Beer,” we take pride in producing a craft beer, that is entirely produced in Luxembourg. Enjoy with us our first beer as we embark on this journey of innovation, friendship and share with us the love for craft beer.

Our journey began with

a simple idea: to create an outstanding beer. Founded in 2023 by lifelong friends Ted and Antoine, our brand is a celebration of both tradition and the spirit of exploration.

Nestled In The Heart Of

Luxembourg, we embrace our local roots. Every can of “Are We Friends Beer” proudly carries the exclusive label “Made in Luxembourg.” From the selection of premium ingredients to the brewing and canning process, our commitment to quality is unwavering, because we believe that exceptional craft beer is not just about the taste, but also about the place it comes from.

We Believe That Craft Beer

is more than just a beverage; it’s an experience. With every sip, you’re indulging in the artistry of the brewmasters, who meticulously blend flavors to create a symphony for your palate. We wanted to create a beer with citrus notes and a witty and refreshing taste for you to enjoy.

Let's Come Together and

celebrate the beauty of friendship, savoring the richness of Luxembourgish craft beer. Each sip transports us to cherished memories, binding us closer.

We Are Excited To Have You

as a part of our community. Here’s to the shared journey of exploring flavors, fostering connections, and raising a toast to the extraordinary world of Luxembourgish craft beer. By supporting us, you support a year-long dream of two friends. 


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