Cookie Policy

The cookies that require prior consent from the e-commerce visitor before use are :
cookies related to personalised advertising,
social network cookies, in particular those generated by their sharing buttons,
certain audience measurement cookies.
For consent to be valid, it is necessary that :
Information on the cookies in question is provided in the info bar,
Consent must be obtained before the cookie is deposited,
Consumers must be able to withdraw their consent at any time,
and that they have a real choice.
In the case of mandatory cookies, consent does not have to be given. These include :

Tracers that retain the choice expressed by users on the deposit of tracers;
Tracers intended for authentication to a service, including those intended to ensure the security of the authentication mechanism, for example by limiting robotic or unexpected access attempts;
Tracers intended to store the contents of a shopping basket on a merchant site or to invoice the user for the product(s) and/or service(s) purchased;
Tracers for personalising the user interface (for example, for the choice of language or the presentation of a service), when such personalisation constitutes an intrinsic and expected element of the service;
Tracers used to balance the load of equipment providing a communications service;
Tracers enabling paying sites to limit free access to a sample of content requested by users (predefined quantity and/or over a limited period);
Certain audience measurement trackers, provided they meet certain conditions.


Legal basis

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European law that governs all collection and processing of personal data from individuals within the European Union. Under the GDPR, website owners must ensure that personal data is collected and processed lawfully.

The GDPR sets out specific rules for the use of cookies:
The GDPR requires the site to collect users’ personal data only after they have given their explicit consent for the specific purposes of its use.
Consent must be freely given, i.e. it must not be coerced.
Consent must be as easily withdrawn as given.
Consents must be kept securely as legal documents.

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