Beer made in Luxembourg

As we take pride in our commitment to our home country, Luxembourg, we believe that exceptional beer is not just about the taste, but also about the place it comes from. Our beer is brewed and canned in Luxembourg and therefore proudly bears the label “Made in Luxembourg,” a symbol of our unwavering dedication to quality.

Introducing a one-of-a-kind beer that appeals to both beer enthusiasts and newcomers alike – a Luxembourgish beer infused with zesty citrus notes that give it a refreshing twist. This beer is crafted in the southern region of Luxembourg, born out of the artistry and passion of its creators. Blending traditional brewing techniques with a modern flair, the process results in a harmonious composition of flavours. The infusion of lively citrus notes adds a burst of vibrant energy, making you long for more after only one sip. “Are We Friends Beer” is a dynamic and multi-dimensional beer that evolves from the first sip to the final drop. It’s not simply a beverage, but an immersive journey of taste. The formula of the beer is intended to leave you wanting more, with an alcohol percentage of 4,8%, which makes it easy to drink. Rather untypical for a Luxembourgish craft beer, our intention was to create a special blonde beer, that is not as heavy as others. “Are We Friends Beer” is set to become your and your friends’ favourite craft beer.

The logo was designed by one of the two founders, Antoine, also known as SOIN, and is meant to depict the two very different characters of the founders. Antoine is the artist whose first character he designed resembles the new logo of “Are We Friends Beer”, Ted is the accountant, therefore the dress shirt and the tie. After you taste our Luxembourgish beer, you will understand why our little friend is running with two more of them in his hands…

This is only the beginning, other creations are to follow. So stay tuned!

But for now, let us raise our glasses to our first, but already legendary Luxembourgish beer and immerse ourselves in the refreshing symphony of tastes that only this beer can provide. Cheers!

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